Agnes & Hollis

This is Agnes and Hollis and they are looking for a new home. These guys were brought to me because their owner just didn’t have the time that they needed, and after much debate and thinking they felt it was best to bring them here so I could find them the best home they can get. Hollis was born here at Samollynn about 4 years ago and is a total sweetheart, but he will not go anywhere without the love of his life Agnes. Agnes is also about 4 and is from a local rabbitry here in New Hampshire as well. They are both fixed and litter box trained. They are also both complete loves. Agnes just wants to sit in your lap and snuggle, while Hollis just wants to be by her side and have his head rubbed too. These two rabbits have to go together to a home who will not only be able to care for them, but give them the attention they need and desire. Please message me if you are interested. Thank you.

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