Red Kit Yarn

Here is some red baby yarn. I usually do baby angora on a spindle but because there was more than I usually do, I decided to use my wheel. Baby angora is a smaller staple length than adult angora and is slicker so a little harder to spin. But I managed through it. I got a little more than 50 yards from it. It’s not much but it’s enough to add to any project.

I actually love working with baby angora. It doesn’t bloom like adult angora and the color that you get from kits is so much more vibrant than when they are adults.

Please remember that we are humane in harvesting our fiber here. We do pluck here but if done correctly it doesn’t hurt the rabbit. We harvest when they are shedding their coats. Just like a husky or a German Shepherd, they blow coats and we collect it to spin into wonderful yarn.

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