About Me

Hey guys, my name is Amanda Fontaine. I have been raising angora rabbits for going on 6 years now. I raise mainly a blend of English, French, and Satin angoras, and also pure Satin angoras as well for their fiber. The reason for me raising the blended breeds of angora is I have found their coats not only amazing, but easy to care for. The are soft like an English, the care of a French, and the silkiness of a Satin.

No harm ever comes to my rabbits. They are very well loved between myself and our five girls. My rabbits are also well socialized. They are handled daily from the day that they are born till they leave to their new homes. They are also groomed regularly from the time they are about 6 weeks.

I myself am a stay at home mother of five girls whom I also homeschool. I run a studio called The Lazy Spinster where I sell my angora fiber, yarn, and wares. You can check it out at www.lazyspinsterstudio.com. I will also have links in the Store page to my studio as well.

I am also a spinner, knitter, crocheter, and dabble in weaving. I love to talk about my rabbits and how to make yarn and pretty much anything that has to do with fiber arts. I also love to show others how to spin as I think that this ancient pastime should last forever and never be forgotten. It’s a wonderful way to make people who live in this busy chaotic life to have to slow down and focus on something.

So as I am concluding this, I just want to invite you all to join my in my rabbit hole and see how we work, and the gorgeous bunnies that are amazing themselves.