Being put on a waiting list:

When you inquire about a bunny please understand that I work on a first come, first serve basis:

What does this mean?

This means that if you tell me exactly which rabbit you want and if it is available, it’s yours. If someone else inquired about the same bunny first then they get it. BUT, I will make a note that you want that specific bunny just in case the first owner backs out.

When the bunnies are about 6 weeks old I will inquire with you if you are still interested in the bunny you inquired about. If you don’t get back to me then I will assume that you are no longer interested and the bunny becomes available again.

Pick Up:

Due to the safety of my family and animals I meet people at a predetermined spot and time arranged between myself and the new owner.

Please make sure you have some way to transport your new bunny like a cage or a box.

I do not send rabbits through transport or fly rabbits. There is too much at risk in doing so, and I want to make sure the rabbits arrive to their new homes safe and healthy which I can’t guarantee once they leave.

Open communication is key. If we make a time to meet and you don’t show up and I can’t get a hold of you them I am going to assume that you are no longer interested in having the rabbit and the rabbit will be made available again.

I do my best to regularly check the sex of the rabbits. I even check before I leave to meet the new owners one last time to make sure that the rabbit sex they ask for is the one they get. Please know that rabbits when they are under 5 months old can be hard to sex and mistakes can happen. I will sex the rabbit one more time in front of the new owner so they can be sure of what they are getting.

Please make sure you are ready for your new addition. A cage (wire floor is best), food bowl, water bowl/bottle, food, timothy hay, grooming supplies (combs, scissors, slicker brush with cover bristles, nail clippers) are all essential to owning an angora rabbit.

If you are not happy with your rabbit(s) or realize that you can’t care for them after 3 days of purchase, you can return them to me for a full refund. If after 3 days of purchase you find that you can’t care for your rabbit(s) I do ask that you still return them to me, but there will be no refund given, and there will be no charge to return them.

All of my rabbits here at Samollynn are healthy and have had no illnesses and they leave here healthy with no illnesses. *Please note: if you are making this rabbit(s) an indoor pet, please give them time to adjust to living indoors. My rabbits are outdoor rabbits and are not used to the chemicals and smells that tend to be indoors. Rabbits are very sensitive to cleaners and perfumes, and this will make them sneeze from time to time.*

Please don’t hesitate to email, call, or text me if you have any questions or concerns.