Stewart was my first Satin angora born here at Samollynn, he is a chocolate Satin. His mother is a French chocolate named Mishcka, and his father is a French/satin chocolate tort named Bobby. Stewart had a hard little life at first. He was a runt and just didn’t seem to thrive like his siblings. He had a bad leg injury, which surprisingly he’s fine from it, and he had an eye injury so now he is blind in one eye. So as you can tell he’s had a rough little life, BUT he’s a fighter. He overcame his runtness, healed from his injury, and doesn’t let his lack of eyesight slow him down at all. He is now one of my biggest rabbits now. He’s sired a gorgeous litter of satins, giving me a stunning red to replace the one I lost last winter. And he’s just the sweetest boy that anyone can ask for. This is Stewart.