Hey guys. I know that it isn’t the first of January and we are well on our way into the new year, but I wanted to share what I would like 2020 to be.

Last year felt so crazy for me. With 5 girls, one being a fairly new baby, I may as well been in a whirl wind. I also focused a lot on really building my studio, which is well underway. So now I am able to focus more energy to this new site, my rabbits, and sharing the ins and outs of angoras, their care, and any other little tidbits I have about them.

I will be doing my first breeding in February, so they will be born in March and ready to go to homes around May/June. If you are interested in being put on a waitlist for one head over to the Contact Me page and send me an inquiry.

I am so excited about the breeding line ups I have for this year. This year I will be focusing on coat, of course, and body. I didn’t realize how important body was until last year. And also temperament, as always. So expect some beautiful bunnies this year.

So come along with me for this ride down the rabbit hole, and lets see where it will lead.

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