Cool Your Buns!

It is that time of year again, the time of year that is most dangerous to rabbits, summer. For anyone who has been following me long enough knows that I am big on keeping rabbits cool. Now do I expect air conditioning for your buns, no (even though if you live in the south IContinue reading “Cool Your Buns!”

Happenings This Week

This week the babies grew overnight. They are huge and their personalities are truly coming out. They love to snuggle, and just hang out. But give them the chance they are into mischief. The weather has been windy but pretty nice, so they have had a few chances to get outside to enjoy the outdoors.Continue reading “Happenings This Week”

Babies Are Here!!!

‘Tis the season for baby bunnies! I am so excited about these litters. I ended up having 3 litters, as one is a brand new mom and I wasn’t sure how she would be with her babies. These litters are probably my most colorful yet. I have so many colors, blue, black, opals, chestnuts, whites,Continue reading “Babies Are Here!!!”