Happenings This Week

Chestnut Angora

This week the babies grew overnight. They are huge and their personalities are truly coming out. They love to snuggle, and just hang out. But give them the chance they are into mischief. The weather has been windy but pretty nice, so they have had a few chances to get outside to enjoy the outdoors. They are getting to a point where mamas are done. In two more weeks, when they are 8 weeks they will move out so moms can have freedom.

Opal Angora

This past week I also worked on some red kit fiber from this past winter’s kits. It came out stunning. The litter was made of red, fawn, blue tort, and a high rufus satin chocolate tort. The yarn is beautiful, I love a good natural red yarn.

Red Kit Yarn

I also spun up a barn mix. I don’t do much barn mix, because I really don’t keep grooming wool. I did keep one bag from a grooming and I may keep more barn mix for the future.

Barn Mix

I have also been working on my knit angora triangle shawl. It is coming out so nice. I can’t wait to finish it, which will take me awhile, but I’m in no rush.

Angora Knit Triangle Shawl

So that’s about it. Now that life seems to be getting kinda back on track I will be back with more baby updates and happenings around here. I am also currently working on the photos and pages for babies available that should be done by Sunday. So I’ll keep you up to date on that as well.

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