Bunny Blab Issue 1:1

Welcome to the first issue of Bunny Blab. As I stated in my last blog I am wanting to share more with you and have a better layout to do so. I hope all is well with everyone. The weather up here in the Northeast has been a little crazy. We’ve had below freezing temperatures for weeks and now I am sitting next to an open window enjoying the beautiful almost 60* day. Oh well, spring will be here soon enough. And that means breeding season is quickly coming upon us. I have a good idea of who I am breeding but not totally sure yet. Well let’s begin, shall we?

This weeks featured bun is Blizzard. Blizzard is a blue-eyed white (BEW for short) English/French angora. He is from the first litter here seven years ago. He is a super sweet boy who just goes with the flow of life. He’s almost 7 and has slowed down some but not a lot. Blizzard has fathered some beautiful litters and his amazing temperament has passed to all of his kits. You can find Blizzard laying in the sunshine most days and demanding a head rub when he gets fed.

Tips & Tricks

This section is the tips/ tricks for angoras or spinning. These are things that I have found or learned along the way that have worked for me.

This weeks tip is how to keep your buns from spilling their feed. Please keep in mind this isn’t a fool-proof way to prevent them from spilling their food. If the rabbit is determined enough it will dump its food. But these tools and tricks help deter this from happening.

First, get a food bowl that attaches to the cage. This will keep your rabbit from flipping their bowls. Now in full disclosure I use ones that twist off the base that attach to the cage. I have 2 rabbits who know how to twist them off. I believe they eat all their food first then twist off the bowl. I don’t usually see any feed in their trays under their cages.

Another way to deter them from dumping or digging in their bowls is to place the bowl about four inches above the floor of the cage. Yes, the rabbit may have to put its front paws on the bowl, but they are less likely to dig it out. But as I said, if the rabbit is determined enough they will find a way to dig in their feed.


I just finished a gorgeous pair of angora finger-less mitts. This was handspun yarn from my fawn girl Butterscotch, about 75g of DK weight yarn. These were knitted using size 5 needles. I like to have the cuffs a little longer than normal. I know for me I hate it when I have gloves on and the cuffs are too short. These mitts will fit an average size woman’s hand. These will be available in my shop as soon as they are dry from blocking.

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