‘Tis a New Year

Well here we are, another new year. I think I am not alone when I say thank goodness! 2020 was stressful on everyone, even my buns for some odd reason. Breeding was more or less not successful last year. I had some good litters, but not how I planned. It was hot, and I lost two girls last year. Hard year.

Enough of reflecting on the past, now to the future. This year I am focusing on product. I will be spinning up a storm and I have a ton of plans for product. I’ll still be selling fiber and yarn for you guys who love to spin and knit/crochet. This year I will also have some woven product as well. I’ve spent last year figuring out weaving and I have to tell you I love it. I also hope to be on here more often, at least weekly. I didn’t do much last year because honestly I didn’t want to. I have been super stressed and my anxiety has been very high, so I focused more on God, spinning, crochet, knitting, and weaving. This year so far, even though I know the future is unknown, 2020 taught us that lesson, but I can control what I do.

So here is to 2021, a positive outlook, a prayer on our heart, and cute bunnies to cuddle, and soft warm fiber to spin into amazing luxurious yarn.

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